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Nintex Workflow & Forms

​​Focus on the important. Automate the rest.

Data collection on paper or spreadsheets. Manual processes. Unnecessary steps. The same work (and the same entry errors) being done again. 

And again. And again.

Surely there's a better way to capture data, move it through the organization, and automate the routine so you can focus on the important.

We have partnered with the world leader in workflow and forms for SharePoint and Office 365 -- NintexTM -- to provide a solution to​:

  • streamline data capture and reuse
  • automate your business processes
  • share data between your business systems to prevent re-entry errors and unnecessary work.

The only question left will be what to do with the extra time.


Contact us today for a demo.

​Nintex Workflow and Forms screenshots

(click to enlarge) 

  Nintex provides drag-and-drop workflow design right in the web browser.  Integrate workflows into your backend systems with out-of-the-box actions.  Nintex Forms are created in a snap in the browser, on premises or on Office 365.    Write Nintex Forms once, view on any device - on premises or in the cloud.