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SharePoint Services

​Everybody’s using it, but only a few are using it well.

When used effectively, SharePoint can revolutionize how your organization manages and shares information. Fully leveraging SharePoint’s capabilities, however, requires proper design and implementation. We offer a full range of SharePoint consulting services:

  • Intranet Deployment Framework - We provide an accelerated framework enabling organizations to easily and quickly visualize the business value of a SharePoint intranet, extranet or website, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy - What good is a site with all of your information if your users can’t find it? We will help you ensure your information is organized and easily found by the right users at the right time.
  • Migration – We have extensive experience in migrating solutions from older versions (or competing platforms) to the latest SharePoint.
  • Branding – Customizing SharePoint to capture your company’s image and brand standards is a challenge. We will ensure our SharePoint solutions match your established look and feel.
  • Enterprise Search – Search is the number one source of challenges and complaints with intranets. Our enterprise search solutions enable your uses to quickly locate content, people, or business data.
  • Workflow – Workflow within SharePoint will allow your organization to streamline business tasks and ensure adherence to established policies and procedures. We will help you integrate workflow solutions at a much lower cost than off-the-shelf workflow solutions.
  • User Adoption – In order to realize the full benefits of SharePoint, end users must understand the capabilities and features. We offer consulting related to user adoption and end user training on SharePoint’s feature set for end users, administrators and in-house developers.
  • Governance – Ensuring a successful implementation of a SharePoint solution requires careful planning for the use, administration, and management of the SharePoint Environment. We can help establish appropriate guidelines and plan the rollout strategy of SharePoint within an organization.
  • And much, much more...

Questions about SharePoint in your organization? Contact us today.