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Document & Project Solution for AEC

Expensive dedicated system? Or generic SharePoint? 
Presenting the middle option.

Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms that want a digital solution for managing their drawings, documents and projects must choose between a dedicated AEC system and a generic platform such as Microsoft SharePoint. Unfortunately, most dedicated solutions are too expensive for all but the largest firms, and are often difficult to customize. Generic platforms are much more affordable, but require so much custom development that the incremental costs can eat up the savings. Slater Hill's Document and Project Solution for AEC is an information-management system dedicated to unique AEC work -- but built on SharePoint Server.

Project Workspaces 
with templates and easy setup wizards

AEC projects are different from any other kind of initiative, and our dedicated Workspaces reflect that. Instead of generic, unstructured task lists, document libraries and lists, a Project Workspace stores all of your AEC project information with templates pre-configured for your needs -- in a single place, secure but accessible from anywhere on any device.

Engineering Document Control (EDC)
with synchronization and replication

CAD, BIM and other compound documents are a unique challenge given the limitations of SharePoint Document Libraries, and they often require specialized processes involving approval, transmittals, etc. Slater Hill has the solution for managing large, compound or unusual files with multiple users, special processes -- and scattered geographic locations.

External Collaboration and Sharing

Insecure cloud services (Box, Dropbox, etc.) and email are NOT the answer for sharing with partners, clients and vendors. The answer is a private collaboration "room", generated with a simple wizard, accessible from anywhere on any device, with the power to add and remove users from inside or outside your firm.

Engineering Process Automation (Workflows)

The AEC industry has many unique workflows that follow complex paths and require input from many parties. The most common "solution" in today's workplace is a combination of paper, Excel spreadsheets, email -- and a lot of re-entry errors and manual busywork. Our solution automates all the common engineering workflows with simple web forms, and gives you drag-and-drop tools to fashion your own specialized forms and workflows.