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Metalogix makes the tools that enable you to move, manage and protect SharePoint and Office 365.

Are you deeply invested in SharePoint technologies? Are you in a place where serious problems with your farms or tenants just can't happen? Talk to us today about your SharePoint management and protection needs.

Content MAtrix

The industry's most powerful SharePoint and Office 365 migration solution. Move files, sites, lists, and permissions from anywhere to anywhere — SharePoint on-premises, Office 365, file shares, desktops.


Secure, administer and govern all your SharePoint farms and/or tenants from one seat. Create and enforce policies; apply permissions in bulk; activate and deactivate Features everywhere at once; see rich reports.


Monitor and report on hundreds of potential bottlenecks or other issues with your farms. Best practices analysis, realtime monitoring, platform hygiene … nothing keeps a closer eye on SharePoint.


Metalogix is the world leader in understanding all the layers of backing up SharePoint. Any farm or tenant without Metalogix backup is at risk of loss. Slater Hill can help implement it.

Archive Manager

Email archiving enables you to meet the demands of discoverability and search-ability, but not all archiving products are equal. Archive Manager, Exchange Edition, delivers critical, proven email archiving capabilities that are both robust and affordable. 

Sensitive Content Manager

The challenge is adequately protecting it. Unfortunately, most DLP systems add support for SharePoint as an afterthought rather being designed specifically for it. The end result is a system that is unfit for purpose and becomes unusable with crippling false positive rates.

Essentials For Office 365

 Essentials for Office 365 empowers managers with a single console to easily move and reorganize content, manage permissions, and gather key intelligence about user adoption.


Not to get too technical, but SharePoint pushes out SQL Server data over the HTTP wire. That's fine for meeting minutes or budgeting spreadsheets, but it was never meant for larger files like image-heavy slideshows or high-resolution color PDFs. StoragePoint makes Remote Blob Storage (RBS) for SharePoint content much easier.