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Cloud, mobile, social, big data, tablets, Node, JSON, HTML5 — we are well into whatever the next phase of technology is called. 


Nostalgia for "old-timey" is great if you're at a bluegrass music festival, but not so much in the enterprise. Slater Hill's consultants, business analysts, architects and developers can help you plot your course towards YOUR modern application platform. Flexibility, maintainability, interactivity, and simplicity — we can help you.

Your Custom Applications

Ready-made software packages may not have the power or customizability or integrate-ability (is that a word? It is now) that your enterprise needs. Tools that won't talk to each other are even worse.


Your organization needs its own, inter-operable application platform — one that that knits together your line-of-business suites, corporate databases, web services, cloud services and workflows.


A network of YOUR tailored apps, deliverable to any device, from YOUR corporate app store? Wrapped in a 360-degree reporting and analytics layer? We love a challenge. When do we start?

Apps Built on the SharePoint platform

You've already invested in SharePoint licensing, training, documentation, staff, and third-party apps. The business application you're envisioning in your brain right now — Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Sales or Operations — might be doable right on top of your SharePoint or Office 365 investment! It is a development platform, after all. Let's start a conversation to see if it will work.

Application Modernization

You may not be in a place to start from scratch — "greenfield", we call it. You may be sitting there in a brownfield. That's okay, too — we can migrate and optimize most custom business applications from older platforms to the latest ones.


Old .NET or COM, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, Delphi… our experts will modernize your codebase and database to run on-premises or in the cloud with the latest services. 

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Modern Applications

We build custom applications on .NET, SharePoint, NodeJS, xRM, Delphi and others (in your data centre or in the cloud). Or we can modernize and upgrade your old codebase to the latest and greatest.