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Workflow, Forms, Mobile and Analytics built on SharePoint, Office 365 or the cloud

Nintex is the world leader in low-code, drag and drop apps that are dead easy to build. Slater Hill is your guide to Nintex World.

Nintex Workflow

For organizations or departments that want to automate, integrate and orchestrate their processes with a visual, drag-and-drop approach, Slater Hill provides turnkey planning and implementation services. Use our training to develop no-code/low-code workflows on your own, or hire our developers to do it for you. Over the years we've developed:

HR workflows (staff onboarding, offboarding, hiring process)

Finance workflows (expense review and approval, budget review process)

Operations workflows (customer application processing/approval, field service, site inspections)


We've developed workflows for customers in:



Financial Services

AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)

Licensing and Aviation


Available platforms:


Office 365

Nintex Live (Azure Cloud)

(Standalone) Nintex Workflow Cloud

Forms for SharePoint, Cloud and Mobile

Easy-to-use workflow and data collection calls for easy-to-use, NO-CODE web or mobile forms. Nintex has them, with a simple, drag-and-drop, visual design experience. Slater Hill has deployed and helped develop Forms solutions with:​


Attractive branding

Multiple layouts for desktop, phone, tablet and offline

Intuitive controls, rules and validation to reduce entry errors


Available platforms:


Office 365

Nintex Live (Azure Cloud)

(Standalone) Nintex Workflow Cloud

Mobile Workflow Apps

All of our work on the Nintex platforms is automatically optimized for mobile browsers. But we can take it a step further with a native mobile app that works offline, uses GPS location tracking and the device's camera, scans barcodes, and more. Platforms include:

Windows (phone or tablet)

Android (phone or tablet)

iOS (phone or tablet)


Workflow Cloud

Nintex Workflow has broken out of SharePoint and SharePoint Online! Nintex Workflow Cloud allows Slater Hill to implement your workflow and forms solutions on a standalone cloud platform without the need for a Microsoft SharePoint product.

Nintex Connectors

Nintex Workflow does what it does using Actions, which are found in the toolbox (Task Actions, Web Service Actions, Document Actions, Database Actions, etc.). Forms has a toolbox too, with all the Controls available to the forms designer. The platform includes hundreds of ready-made Actions and Controls — but if those aren't enough, Slater Hill will develop custom ones to your specifications. Connect with third-party applications and databases, gather data from the Internet, render forms data in a new way — Slater Hill can extend Nintex to fit any need.

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