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Omnia Intranet

The 2018/2019 top-rated intranet-in-a-box solution (ranked by ClearBox Consulting)

Do you find working within SharePoint Online pages too limiting? Do you want go beyond the small toolkit that comes with the Modern experience? Is SharePoint Online too slow?


Omnia is a digital workspace that leverages your Office 365 investment, but with its own “front-end” — a new technology called Quick Pages that gives control back to you.

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User Experience

The user experience in an Omnia solution is intuitive, personalized and focused on getting things done. World-class performance on any device.


Omnia empowers straightforward and complex communication scenarios, from small teams to the enterprise level.


Drive employee engagement with simplified and streamlined team collaboration. Omnia helps to alleviate the ever-present issue of which tool to use when.

Knowledge Sharing

Use Omnia to implement structured knowledge sharing within the digital workspace. 

Workplace Integration

To get things done, employees need immediate access to the right tools. Omnia provides a unified experience of both internal and external applications.


Empower administrators with strong tools to define policies, manage content and applications and monitor all vital aspects of the digital workspace.

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