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FireStart Business Process Management: Lunch & Learn Recap

Slater Hill and FireStart BPM held a Lunch & Learn in Toronto on October 17 to detail how a no-code, rapid-deployment approach to Business Process Management and Workflow Automation can drive your organization’s digital transformation and put the power of BPM in the hands of your business units.

Shyamal Addanki (Director NA) of FireStart gave an overview of Business Process Management, provided a live demo of the FireStart BPM suite and facilitated a Q&A session.

The full recording of the event, including the live demo can be viewed on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/4p_xeC9X4AI.

1. What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management is the intersection of your people, your processes and your technology. A BPM System is the technology that empowers people to operate and manage their processes with efficiency and quality.

2. Where do I implement BPM in my business?

Your BPM system needs to span all levels, from the shop floor to the boardroom. It is important to consider all the layers of your organization and where BPM can be used; from the Enterprise Map, which is your contextual model for your business activities, all the way through to the actual work instruction, e.g., the SOPs and checklists.

How does a Business Process Management system fit within your current IT system and tools?

BPM can be viewed as a process-driven middleware that connects your user-centric front-end applications with your back-end applications. Ultimately, the goal is to make life simpler for your end user. Instead of a user requiring access to five different systems, for example, FireStart BPM, using business process management, can connect to all the different systems, making your processes much more efficient.

One approach to get started with BPM in your organization is what is known as ‘Lean BPM’ -- focus on specific processes or specific departments and start small: digitize your processes, get user adoption and then grow and scale if you need to. The advantages of this approach are that you can demonstrate where the BPM system has made major improvements in your organization, which helps with further rolling out BPM systems in your organization, as well as only paying for what you need as and when you need it.

3. Examples of BPM Workflows across industries

"FireStart BPM is not industry specific; it’s a platform. If you can imagine the process, then you can build it”

– Shyamal Addanki, Director NA, FireStart

Some common starting points for BPM workflows are:

  1. HR – personnel requisition

  2. Contract management

These are the two areas which Swarovski tackled with their FireStart BPM implementation. Swarovski wanted to implement collaborative workflows which connected to their existing applications, namely, Dynamics, SAP, SharePoint and Outlook. As part of a Proof of Concept, FireStart

  1. modeled a Personnel Requisition and a Contract Management process in the modeling tool,

  2. designed the forms, and

  3. worked with Swavorski on assigning roles and automating the steps.

The result? The Personnel Requisition turnaround went from 14.5 days to 4 days and Contract Approval went from 12 days to 4.5 days. Read the full case study here: http://www.prologics-it.com/en/case-study-swarovski.

FireStart can be used in any industry:

4. About FireStart BPM Suite

FireStart is a Microsoft Gold BPM solution that covers the full lifecycle of process management, workflow automation and forms, and intelligent process metrics.

There are three elements to the FireStart process:

  1. Model

  2. Execute

  3. Improve

You start with process modeling. You can model your process in FireStart, link it to documents and allow people to view the model. There is a built-in approval structure.

Next is implementation and process automation, e.g., if your process step said, ‘go to CRM and create a new customer record’, this is now implemented automatically.

Finally, you have process intelligence which allows you to monitor your processes, track KPIs and identify execution times, and you can use all this information to revise and improve your processes.

5. Demo

Shyamal Addanki, Director NA, FireStart provides a live demo of the FireStart BPM Suite. You can view the recording on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/4p_xeC9X4AI. The live demo begins at 21:04.

To learn more about how FireStart BPM can drive your organization’s digital transformation and put the power of BPM in the hands of your business units, contact Slater Hill at (416) 515-1161 or send an email to sales@slaterhill.com.

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