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Business Process Optimization

Our business analysts can create Visio diagrams in their sleep. Slater Hill looks at both the 30,000-foot view and the view from the ground in analyzing and documenting your business processes. We help you find the overlap, the redundant, the out-of-date — and then optimize, merge, simplify and streamline.

No-Code Workflow

If your departments and teams want to manage and refine your business processes instead of spending their time maintaining software, we'll recommend and implement a low-code, drag-and-drop workflow automation tool like Nintex. We provide technical services and training, and can provide power users to create workflows if you don't want to do it yourself.

Electronic Forms

Business processes need data — much of the time from humans (we're not obsolete just yet).


That data needs to be captured in a user-friendly way on any device, with minimal errors and repetition. Now, this is something which rarely happens — but it can, with web and mobile Forms strategies and tools implemented by Slater Hill.

Advanced Process Automation

Are low-code tools not enough for your department or organization? Do you need enterprise-grade processing, application/data integration, full-blown orchestration? For customers who are process-heavy, highly-regulated, or high-volume organizations, we have the power tools too. As well as the strategy, technical and design chops.

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Streamlined Operations

Software and solutions to automate the routine and the repetitive, cut costs and reduce errors

The old way of doing business is no longer good enough. Ad hoc business processes with redundant steps, data re-entry, fax machines and paper and spreadsheets attached to emails... enough! Slater Hill helps its clients streamline and modernize processes with web, mobile, cloud and analytics — to optimize, and continue optimizing.