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System Diagnostics

Our Approach

Slater Hill has developed a number of services built around discovering issues and solutions to issues within your systems.  


SharePoint Healthcheck

The SharePoint Health Check is a packaged Slater Hill offering. One of our SharePoint architects will review all aspects of the current SharePoint 2013 setup from both a software and hardware perspective.


The objective of the Health Check is to identify potential vulnerability and provide recommendations based on best practices in the setup and configuration of your SharePoint environment. 


The deliverable is a document outlining the current state of the client’s SharePoint, any issues that were identified, the urgency for remediating the issue, and best practice recommendations for remediation.


Specific areas that will be addressed by the Health Check are:

  • Overall SP Farm Architecture

  • Permissions

  • Version and Patch levels

  • Service Accounts and Service Account setup

  • Hardware (appropriate power, RAM, etc.)

  • SQL Server setup and permissions

  • SQL Server Logs

  • Application checks

  • Review Search Configuration

  • Check all event logs (Windows and SharePoint)