Valo Intranet plus Valo Teamwork and Valo Idea Management.

Fall in love with your intranet and look great doing it.

One tool that makes SharePoint easy (even fun) to use? That makes managing your intranet easy? That makes SharePoint ... look great?

Yeah, that's exactly what we thought, too.

But Valo is the real deal. And Slater Hill has the experience, the training and the expertise to implement the whole Valo suite to all of your users worldwide with minimal fuss.


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Five reasons we love Valo

SharePoint has never been celebrated for its looks. And with every version, it gets harder and harder to re-brand. Visually slick item tiles and megamenus, coupled with the Lightsaber styling tool, give Valo a pretty face to go with its brains.

It looks great.

Before you reach for the templating engine or the extensibility kit, check out the pre-built web parts and features that come in the box. The features you're looking for are probably in there.

Breadth of included features.

Valo Search is a content-by-search widget on steroids. It's used everywhere, and it's absolutely indispensable, thanks to the depth of its templating engine. And the Valo Universal Web Part extends the concept to virtually ANY back-end data source you can throw at it. 

The Valo Search Web Part & its Display Templates.

In Slater Hill's experience (with both products), Valo has taken everything lacking in the SharePoint content-creation experience and fixed it with the Toolbox. Slick and wizard-driven, this is how creating content should always have been.

The Toolbox.

It's unlikely that Valo's included features, plus the Search/Universal Web Parts, won't satisfy all your intranet requirements. But if need to go deeper, there's a whole SDK available to extend the UI, reuse the various backend services, and publish your own custom data sources. All fully supported. And Valo adds new extensibility with every release.

Valo Extensibility Kit.


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