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As a leading cloud-based, accounts receivable platform, VersaPay ARC, eliminates key pains and automates manual tasks in your invoice-to-cash cycle. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, call lists and your escalating DSO. By leveraging the power of automation, customer self-service and cloud-based collaboration, VersaPay has built a platform that gets you paid faster and improves customer satisfaction.

VersaPay ARC is a secure, cloud-based accounts receivable automation platform that connects to your existing ERP infrastructure allowing you to maximize existing investments in technology and infrastructure. With technology that makes your employees and customers happy, you will quickly realize the benefits of streamlining your accounts receivable process, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately you will get paid faster.

Key benefits of VersaPay ARC:

  • Get paid faster. Decrease DSO and get paid 5-25 days faster.

  • Save time and money. Reduce time wasted on manual tasks, such as paper handling and scanning.


  • Collect smarter. Use the platform to automate your invoice-to-cash process as well as specific tools to ensure your collections processes are smart and efficient.


  • Apply cash easily. Improve cash applications using EFT, ACH, and credit cards.


  • Gain insight into A/R. Leverage real-time data to turn insights into action.

  • Make customers happy. Offer a better experience by providing your customers with a self-service invoicing and payment platform.