Forms, Workflow & BPM

Focus on the things that truly need your attention. Automate the rest. Slater Hill can help.

Replace your old Excel or Word attachments or paper documents with  sharp-looking mobile/desktop e-forms. Enter your data ONCE.

Drag-and-drop enterprise forms

When this happens, then that happens. Drag and drop your way to modernized, rules-based process apps that talk to all your systems.

Low-code, no-code workflows and DIY business apps

We don't just provide the tools; Slater Hill's consultants can help you capture, document and optimize business processes across the enterprise.

Business process strategy, consolidation & optimization

When Nintex, Flow or PowerApps are not enough, our experts can implement an enterprise-grade BPM system built on Firestart software.

Enterprise Business Process Management solutions

Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart.

We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.

Contact us for details.

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