Custom Solution Development

When off-the-shelf is not enough, we can build that for you.

In the debate on buy-vs-build, we normally fall squarely on the buy side.

ons from scratch

Professional services to help evaluate, pilot, plan and manage the perfect intranet or digital workspace rollout.

Intranet widgets/web parts/blocks

Microsoft Teams apps & add-ins

Office 365 is one size fits all, but there are turnkey tools to tailor things to your organization. Leverage our expertise and experience with Omnia and Valo.

.NET, Vue/React/Angular, Java ... even Delphi!

Is SharePoint, Teams, Omnia or Valo missing that one key feature you needed? Our developers custom-build extensions to meet any requirement.

Application Upgrades & Modernizations

Many organizations are living with older custom applications that no longer suit their needs—but too much has been invested to walk away. Scrapping the old codebase and starting from scratch with a modern platform (Node, .NET, Azure App Service) would be ideal, but with a big enterprise solution, it's often not feasible. Slater Hill has experience helping organizations modernize existing applications in place, by upgrading the platform or modernizing components piece by piece in phases. Call us today to discuss options for your legacy app.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.