Omnia Intranet implementations

The leading intranet accelerator with blazing fast page load times.

You're invested in Microsoft 365. SharePoint Online is great for team collaboration and document management — but as a company intranet, your people find it slow, cumbersome, and unattractive. Omnia is the solution.

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Perennial ClearBox “Intranet Choice” winner.

Omnia Intranet is one of the most popular "intranet in a box" platforms, and Slater Hill is a premier North America partner. We work closely with your communications and IT teams to manage your end-to-end rollout. Services include strategy and planning, content architecture, design and construction, training and support, and project management.

Lean pages that load quickly.

In head-to-head shootouts, Omnia consistently wins in page load times. If your current intranet has employees complaining about speed, Omnia is the solution.

Gorgeous design with pixel-level control.

With each new release of SharePoint and other platforms, it seems page authors have less control over the appearance and layout of the page. Omnia's section-and-block layout engine gives you pixel-point control over placement — no knowledge of HTML or CSS needed. Pages are fully responsive out of the box.

Modules for Controlled Documents, Events, Communities, Processes ...

Omnia is much more than an intranet — it's the complete Digital Workplace. Modules are included for Documents, Event Management, knowledge Communities, process management and more.

From zero to intranet in weeks, not months.

Filled with samples and pre-built components for you to configure, Omnia has the power to get your organization up and running with a basic intranet in thirty days.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.