Workflow & Business Process Automation

Focus on what's important; automate the rest.

Slater Hill has spent years designing and delivering forms-and-workflow driven solutions that automate and report on routine processes. We can also help redesign, streamline and optimize your processes, and take them mobile.

Business Process Design & Optimization

At Slater Hill we love flowcharts. Maybe a little too much? Make our obsession work for you. We'll help you streamline and reengineer your process portfolio and save a lot of time and money.

Complex Workflow Development & Management

Long-running and complicated workflows that touch many departments, databases and sub-processes? They don't scare us. Complex enterprise processes need careful planning and meticulous rollout. They need comprehensive governance and management, and detailed reporting. Slater Hill can help.

Workflow- and Forms-driven Business Solutions

Departmental solutions that users can update and manage with visual tools can be deployed quickly and with minimal fuss. They can also explode in your face if the proper planning and training hasn't been done. Slater Hill has seen every kind of electronic forms-and-workflow solution, on the desktop and mobile devices. Bring us your employee onboarding, purchasing, contract approval or vacation request needs. We can get you up and running rapidly.

Process Governance & Reporting/Analytics

Workflows and processes and automated tasks firing all hours of the day and night…updating databases, looking up prices, generating documents, sending email and Teams alerts…don't let the machines take over! Proper tracking, alerting and governance will keep automated processes under your control. And prevent SkyNet from ever happening.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.