Document Management

Migrations, metadata, planning & implementation—and, of course, security & compliance.

Your employees must have the ability to generate, share, collaborate on, classify, and find the files they need for their daily jobs. Slater Hill has the Microsoft 365, Omnia and Teams experience to guide you to full document management.

Document Repository Migrations

Microsoft SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive are the modern cloud repositories for your controlled corporate documents, and the day-to-day work files your teams collaborate on. Whether you are currently using on-premises SharePoint Server, or some other platform like Documentum or Google Drive, or plain old file shares, we have the tools and the experience to move all your files with minimal fuss.

Information Architecture, Metadata & Search

Documents aren't much use if employees can't find the latest version with the correct content. Your organization's body of files is a strategic asset, and needs to be managed like one. Our services include planning of metadata and controlled picklists, file structure and information architecture design, access control, search engine tuning, and full implementation and monitoring services.

Document security, governance & compliance

The modern compliance landscape is an alphabet soup of regulations—GDPR, HIPAA, PII, PHI RMS...across thousands or millions of documents, your organization must be able to identify, classify, tag, watermark and secure multiple layers of sensitive data. Not only must you secure and comply, you must be able to prove that you have secured and complied. Slater Hill has the tools and expertise to get you there.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.