Turnkey solutions like Clio are too big and expensive for nearly all but the largest firms.
Generic intranet platforms like SharePoint and Valo have no legal-specific features or out-of-box content.
Our Accelerator is an in-between path that gets small and medium-sized firms up and running in weeks, not months.

Key Features

Firm-wide communications

Easy-to-use publishing tools to distribute firm news, events, discussions, partner video messages and other important top-down communications.

Document Management

Securely manage documents at every scope: individual lawyer, matter-based team, or firm-level, highly controlled documents with automated governance and lifecycle management.

Collaborative Matter Workspaces

Matter workspaces allow secure team calendaring, file sharing, contact management and more, with role-based security to implement firewalls.

People Directory and Profiles

We have a People Directory to track all skills, training, past matters and contact info. LinkedIn-style completion scoring helps keep People info up to date. We even have an at-a-glance view of where people are today/this week: in the office, in court, at a client's office, or away.

Universal, Instant Search

Industry-leading search from Microsoft is everywhere in our Accelerator. Find matters, subject-matter experts, files, discussions and articles from whatever screen you're on.

Automated Client Bookings

Fully integrates Microsoft Bookings to manage appointments and availability. Track appointment types automatically so booked time matches up to the right billing code and matter.

Advanced features

Low-code/no-code Forms, Workflow & Process Management

We leverage the industry-leading Microsoft Power Platform to enable non-technical, non-developer staff to add and edit forms, workflows and process visualizations to keep routine gruntwork away from lawyers' desks.

Integrates with Teams for live collaboration

Remote work, real-time chat, video calling, whiteboarding, all with calendar and file integration. Our Microsoft Teams integration saves you time and expense.

Client-facing Portals for self-service

Begin by securely sharing invoices or time tracking with clients. Then add files, contacts and calendars. Later you can give clients their own self-serve dashboards to manage all interactions with the firm.

Knowledge Bases/Communities

Now that you've automated firm communications, matters and client interactions, there's another area to tame: knowledge bases and communities with best practices and Q&A boards to keep lawyers' experience and knowledge in house.

Reporting & Analytics Dashboards

Of course, the Accelerator provides beautiful reports and analytics dashboards to measure and manage time, expenses and performance.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.