Orchestry implementations

Make Teams and SharePoint fun and easy to use

Slater Hill is an approved Orchestry delivery partner. What's Orchestry? Well, in short, it's all the tools and features that should have been included in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint from the beginning.

Logo of Orchesty for Microsoft 365 and Teams

Orchestry installations and implementations in your environment

List your complaints about Microsoft Teams, Groups and Team Sites; it's very likely Orchestry will solve most or all of them. A crazy-comprehensive template designer that lets you tweak exactly what will appear in new Teams and Sites your users create. A pinpoint-controllable Request Process that applies strong governance, auditing and tracking to the provisioning process. A directory board that lets you apply metadata, grouping and views on all of your Teams and Sites, to make things easier to find. You'll be amazed by what you get in the Orchestry box—call Slater Hill for a free demo and Q&A session today.

Custom template development

The ability to create different kinds of Teams and Sites tailored to your organization's projects or processes, based on approved templates—this is what's missing from the base Teams product. Orchestry's powerful template designer lets you specify almost anything to appear in newly-created Teams: Tabs, apps, Lists, Libraries, sample/starter Documents, Planner plans...and you can even designate Live Templates, where changes to the "model" site cascade down to everything based on that template. The tool is very powerful, but we can assist you to learn it—or build the templates for you, if that's your thing.

Training and events

At Slater Hill, we love Orchestry—and that extends to showing it and talking about it. If you have the product or are thinking of rolling it out, call on us for high-level to deep-dive Teams meetings to make your people Orchestry experts. We can train on any aspect of the tools, on how to develop templates or customized Teams Request Processes, or show you how you can build on the tool in other ways.

30-Day Quickstart
Almost all of our offerings are available as a clearly defined, 30-Day Quickstart. We always provide a free initial scoping session with recommendations.