NC Protect by Nucleus Cyber

Dynamically control access and data protection in SharePoint and Teams

If you're like most of our clients, you worry about the security and governance of all that content your employees are sharing and collaborating on in the cloud.

But manually tracking permissions and compliance is an impossible task in today's fast-paced cloud environment. Even if it were possible, you don't want to put up roadblocks to collaboration, innovation and stakeholder service.

Why do we implement NC Protect?

Slater Hill likes NC Protect by Nucleus Cyber because it dynamically adjusts security based on real-time comparisons of user context (who and where the user is, groups he belongs to, etc.) and file content to ensure that employee usage complies with your policies.

What is NC Protect? (2 min video)

NC Protect by Nucleus Cyber video link

NC Protect for Office 365 & SharePoint

Automatically find, classify and secure unstructured data in SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange

NC Protect for Fileshares

Continuously monitor and audit legacy fileshares against regulatory & corporate policies

NC Protect for Microsoft Teams

Dynamically adjust access to both chat and file content to ensure compliance

Consulting & Implementation Services

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