QRX Technology Group and Slater Hill Digital join forces to revolutionize the digital transformation and print markets

Slater Hill Incorporated also announces rebranding to Slater Hill Digital as part of the merger

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February 8, 2023

TORONTO (January 27, 2023) – QRX Technology Group Inc (www.qrxtech.com) and Slater Hill Incorporated (www.slaterhill.com) have merged to create a Digital Transformation and Print market powerhouse. The two companies will retain their respective names and operate as exclusive partners to cross-sell across Canada and the United States. Slater Hill Incorporated also announced its rebranding to Slater Hill Digital as part of the merger.

Founded in 2010, Slater Hill has helped companies digitally transform, assisting clients with the adoption of cloud-based technology. The company specializes in Microsoft 365®, Power Platform®, Teams® and SharePoint® workflow and document management, to provide a holistic approach to Digital Transformation. The company’s consultative approach to workplace digitization is needed now more than ever due to the rapid growth of hybrid work environments and focus on employee experience and satisfaction.

Established in 1989, QRX Technology Group is a national leader in document management, security and IT solutions. With its award-winning print management services program and extensive IT products portfolio, and now including the full suite of Microsoft 365® solutions and custom application development, QRX provides customers with a full digital transformation that includes data management, processes and documents.

“The need to expand our offering from managed print and PC solutions has always been on our roadmap,” said David Vyse, QRX’s Vice President of Managed Services. “This will round out our offerings and propel us into a full-service document solutions company with the ability to help our customers with all document management aspects including hardcopy print, scanning, security, smart workflow, to full automation, digitization and document management storage solutions,” Vyse continued.

The merger is a by-product of QRX’s long-term plan to futureproof its business by looking at the next evolution in how users interact with and share documents. “Helping our customers easily and seamlessly create, manage and retrieve documents safely and securely while looking for ways to automate and digitize workflows is our goal,” according to Vyse. “The end result reduces cost, reduces waste and creates an environment where everyone has access to all their information from anywhere.”

“The combination of QRX and Slater Hill is a natural progression for Slater Hill,” stated Tom Hill, Managing Director of Slater Hill. According to Hill, the access to clients on both sides will greatly enhance the offerings and services provided while giving Slater Hill the support and infrastructure to expand our project and client portfolio. We are excited by the opportunities the new combination will bring. The combined complimentary services of both organizations brings a holistic technology partner for a growing client base.”

President of QRX Grace Martins said, “the merger has been a year in the making, and we feel it will be welcomed by our customers. Our offering focuses on reducing operating costs and driving efficiencies around document workflow and print. The merger with Slater Hill creates an improved workflow and increases security, automation, digitization and product/software acquisition by upwards of 60-70%. 2023 will be a game-changer for us and our customers.”

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